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A Panoramic Scott Mountain by the Brook Exterior Design

The exterior expresses a quaint, colonial type of classic design that also reflects the livable culture of Portland.

Unlike other urban apartments that show might and strength through high rise structures, Scott Mountain by the Brook reveals its strength in its well-knit but astounding structure of a community apartment that reflects the natural spirit.

Amidst the backdrop of greens – vibrant trees, plants and flowers, and a well-paved green grass carpet covering the front and back yards, the main building expresses a delightful color of light pink pastel in a hue of brown that can be mistaken for a house. The single storey office building stands out in the Scott Mountain apartment community as quaint, colonial but immensely magnetic.

The facade of the 2-storey clubhouse fronting the swimming pool is imposing, following the architectural and color patterns of the main office. The wide swimming pool ground shows an excellent layout with equidistant reclining chairs around. In the background are higher rise apartments in close huddle to each other reflecting a sense of compactness without compromising the surrounding spaces.

The roofs of the main offices and Scott Mountain apartments reflect an Asian character. Apartments rise from one to three-storey lodged in an excellently landscaped grass-carpeted road with a balanced architecture of wide horizontal columns broken by deck-patios.

The Scott Mountain by the Brook Exterior Design is absolutely environment-friendly with its open design, yet safe and secure with the installation of earth and stone fences in their natural contours and formation. Horizontal metal fences installed inside the apartment complex protect apartments in open areas.

The overall shape of the apartment facility, as seen from the outside, while relatively simple, has great visual appeal and attracts the attention of customers. It gives an impression that “Life is grand in a Scott Mountain apartment community.”

The exterior is actually the extension of the visually rich and enticing interior of the Scott Mountain apartment with its luxurious appointments that include stainless steel appliances in a well designed kitchen, faux hardwood, and excellent lighting. From the outside, the apartment building materials, textures and colors of the Scott Mountain by the Brook Exterior Design harmonize with each other, creating a visually appealing geometric structure of lines and columns.

Both the interior and exterior designs are energy efficient, time saving, mobility enhancing, and can open up new positive experiences for residents and guests of all ages, and meeting the personal goals of people within the warm confines of the Scott Mountain by the Brook Apartments complex. You can visit site at